Minimalist basically means simple and the quote less is more perfectly describes it. Some people describes minimalist as art and functionality that goes parallel to each other, a design that derives the idea of having a clean look , adequate sunlight and more free or open spaces. These characteristics gives minimalism its unique and creative tag.

Elements Of Minimalist

Minimalist works on the basis of form and functionality. Because it means when a room/house is designed to be a minimalist it should perform the original functionality. The ” Why “ factor is one of the most important factor that architecture or designer has to consider because all the elements like doors, ceilings, windows, lights, furniture should serve its original purpose. Let’s take a classic example of a dining room ; A dining room should consist of table and chair. It should be placed in such a way that the color, texture works in harmony with each other.
In-home design too, architectures have picked up the elements of minimalism, which involves in lesser use design and pattern etc. It has also used less decorative works at roofs, gates and wherever it was previously used. Minimalist is considered to be a “true art of architecture” in present times.

Benefits Of Minimalist Design:

The minimalist design means cleaner spaces as things should be kept to a bare minimum and that is the fundamental of the minimalist. If you want to use minimalist design at your home or living spaces you should better leave the habit of buying things that you don’t use often. You can consider installing things like wall pictures, the number of chairs, and the volume of sofas. That will benefit you to have more space and get rid of extra costs. Also less items mean less maintenance.

Difficulties Of Minimalist Design:

Since minimalists aim to keep to things to minimum it consumes time to pick and balance the right elements. But you can add or remove elements to your space and yet retain the minimalist because it doesn’t restrict you form experimenting.


Minimalist is a very unique, progressive and experimental and it is must be keep in balance for it to be real minimalism.